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Recommended Reading

These are the books we at Southern Gardening and Notestein's Nursery use on a daily basis to guide our own gardening practices and the advice we offer.


Cover  Landscaping with Conifers and Ginkgo, by Tom Cox & John M. Ruter. University Press of Florida, 2013.

    "Landscaping with Conifers and Ginkgo for the Southeast is a welcome and well researched reference. It's been long needed by plant folks who've largely written off conifers in landscaping, a large number of which aren't adapted to the Southeast's high heat and humidity.

    The reader will gain a new appreciation for and learn fascinating facts about the Ginko Biloba, a living fossil. It's a unique species recognizably similar to fossils dating back 270 million years.

    But the primary purpose of Landscaping with Conifers and Ginkgo for the Southeast is to provides the single, most authoritative source of information on conifer adaptability for the Southeast. With well written text and many previously unpublished photos, experience for yourself how well it succeeds."

    Richard S. George, Macon, Ga.
    Senior Master Gardener

  Florida Wild Flowers and Roadside Plants, by C. Ritchie Cover Bell & Bryan J. Taylor. Laurel Hill Press, Chapel Hill. 1982. 

    Identification guide to 500 wild (not necessarily native) flowers. Excellent photos & descriptions of habitat make this book useful when selecting native plants and deciding where to plant them.

Cover The Southern Living Garden Book, edited by Steve Bender. Oxmoor House, Birmingham, AL. 1998. 
    A must-have for every southern gardener: 500 pages, 5000 plants, hundreds of illustrations and photos, dozens of indispensible lists. If you buy only one gardening book, get this one.

Cover Southern Living Garden Problem Solver, edited by Steve Bender. Oxmoor House, Birmingham, AL. 1999. 
    Companion to the Garden Book. Heavily illustrated. Covers prevention and treatment; critters, diseases, and other damage; problems of specific plants.

Cover The Southern Gardener's Book of Lists, by Lois Trigg Chaplin. Taylor Publishing Company, Dallas. 1994. 
    Over 150 pages of lists with titles like "the most cold-hardy palms," "perennials that can take sun all day," "groundcovers for deep shade," "low shrubs that won't hide windows," "super easy flowers from a packet of seeds," and lots, lots more.

Cover Florida's Fabulous Butterflies, by Thomas C. Emmel (photography by Brian Kenney). World Publications, Singapore. 1997, 
    100 oversized pages filled with gorgeous photos and useful information on more than 100 species of butterflies and moths found in Florida. Especially valuable in helping to distinguish look-alike species, such as monarchs and viceroys.

Cover The Garden Problem Solver, by Catriona Tudor Erler (photographs by Jerry Pavia). Simon & Schuster, NY. 1994, 
    Subtitled "101 solutions to common landscaping problems," like lack of water, too much water, too much shade, an unsightly view, a steep slope. You'll wish you had even more problems to try these solutions on.

Cover Native Florida Plants, by Robert G. Haehle & Joan Brookwell. Gulf Publishing Co., Houston. 1999. 
    A lot of books help you identify Florida's native plants; this book actually tells you how to grow them. Covers about 300 species. Another must-have for the Florida gardener.

Cover Gardening for Dummies, by Michael MacCaskey & the Editors of the National Gardening Association. IDG Books Worldwide, Inc., Foster City, CA. 
    Offers the most bang for the buck for first-time gardeners. Strong on basics, but a little thin on regional details.

Cover Florida Gardener's Guide, by Tom MacCubbin and Georgia B. Tasker. Cool Springs Press, Inc., Franklin, TN. 
    A color photo and two pages of detailed advice and information on over 200 species, by two of Florida's best-known garden writers.

Cover Florida Butterfly Gardening, by Marc C. & Maria Minno. University Press of Florida, Gainesville. 1999. 
    Beautiful, comprehensive, indispensible. There's no other gardening book like it. Buy it for yourself and give one to everyone you know who loves the beauty of nature.

Cover Garden Bulbs for the South, by Scott Ogden. Taylor Publishing Co., Dallas. 1994. 
    Excellent reference work. Practical suggestions to help you be more successful with over 200 bulbs that belong to the South along with information on suitable companion plants and an exhaustive sources listing.

Cover [Florida's Roadside] Wildflowers, by Richard Parker. Windward Publishing Co., Miami. 1986. 
    A useful little handbook with photos and identifying information on over 200 species of wildflowers, grouped by flower color, that can be found in Florida.

Cover Vegetable Gardening in Florida, by James M. Stephens. University Press of Florida, Gainesville. 1999. 
    Stephens is the Florida Extension Service's leading authority on vegetable gardening, and this book assembles more practical information on its subject than any other.

Cover The Guide to Florida Wildflowers, by Walter Kingsley Taylor. Taylor Publishing Co., Dallas 1992. 
    The definitive field guide to over 500 Florida wildflowers, grouped by flower color to aid identification. Excellent photos of key characteristics. Includes many "weeds."

Cover Florida Wildflowers in Their Natural Communities, by Walter Kingsley Taylor. University Press of Florida, Gainesville. 1999. 
    Simply the best volume on Florida wildflowers available. Photos, descriptions and commentary on over 450 species. Unique and valuable because it groups plants by their native habitats.

Cover Gardening with Native Plants of the South, by Sally and Andy Wasowski. Taylor Publishing Co., Dallas. 1994. 
    A must-have for anyone interested in going native. Covers more than 200 native plants, from large trees to groundcovers, and how to use them effectively in your landscape.

Cover Florida Landscape Plants, by John V. Watkins and Thomas J. Sheehan. University Presses of Florida, Gainesville. Rev. ed. 1975. $15.95
    THE standard reference for students, nursery workers, and gardeners in the Deep South. Detailed information on over 400 species of Florida's most popular ornamental plants.

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